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Aug 15 2008, 12:30 AM
Wow...I could care less if J&M end up together but this does sound good. I love the idea of John pursuing Stefano. I saw shades of that today with Tony explaining to John how it drove Stefano mad when his beloved Marlena fell for his "pawn." Good stuff. John does it to get back at Stefano but, in the process, will likely end up falling for her. I love the fact that J&M seem to reverse roles here. I'm so sick of the pursuing being from Marlena's end. This should be good. I love the sound of the Sam stuff and John seeing his old self, young Stefano, and Santo. I just love the fact that we get a "that's a fact" from the "old" John. I love how all this is stemming from the characters and their history.

I can get behind J&M as a couple if they continue to write each of them strongly as individuals and it looks like they are, at least in the coming weeks.
I see what your saying and all,but if my spouse died and somhow came back the polar opposite of how he once was and acted like NuJohn,noway would I give him the time of day,I don't fault Marlena,she loved her John for a long long time and this John is the opposite of who he used to be,he has no morals whatsoever,but like I said if I were in Marlena's shoes I would not do anything different.
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