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Aug 15 2008, 07:19 AM
Aug 15 2008, 06:02 AM
WTH - Thurs was Days worst Day and it was the Day Bo and Hope renewed their wedding vows ... Wow I am shocked!
While I love Bo and Hope, I really could've cared less about them renewing their vows. I actually didn't watch.

I did watch the rest of the week though.
Well there WAS a bit of overkill with the Hope/ Bo 1000th wedding and flashbacks! It was fascinating though to see and HEAR the difference in KA! And it was nice to see so many vets gathered for the event! I was MORE surprised that the Stefano/Marlena /John/Dimera family stuff which was shown in the same episode didn't draw viewers! And I was sad to see Ava go! I thought Tamara Braun was fantastic even in her early, drawn out hostage storyline! I REALLY enjoyed her "thing" with John and her friendship with Nicole! There are times when the ratings just make no sense to me! Lynn Latham's ABYSSMAL "vision" for Y&R continued to bring in good ratings even with a show which stopped making sense! When it began to resemble the Y&R of old, it began to sink! DAYS has had good ratings through some horrible writing! When the show is really coming together, viewers turn away! Of course so much of what is "good" is subjective! I really DID think DAYS's ratings would improve for what I see as an improved product!
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