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Aug 15 2008, 06:26 PM
Aug 15 2008, 12:35 AM
I ADORE Nicole. If there is one thing Higley is done is she's done great for Nicole and her relationship with EJ.

Looks like Ejole is heading for a stumbling block, which is fine. Good stuff here. Can't wait for the Noir stuff.
I agree 100 %. Not only is she written well, Ari is giving a great performance. She has dimension and depth of character this time around. I want to see Nicole really be a key player in Days.
I think she can be if Days can get out of the "must be a member of a core family" rut they get themselves into. Certainly, based on comments I've been reading on many boards, she is getting quite a few positive comments. Most of the time, when I read negative comments, it's usually because someone feels a little nervous cause Nicole could be an obstacle to "twu wuv forevah". :P (Be it Chloe/Brady or Sami/EJ). Not ALWAYS, just usually.
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