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Aug 14 2008, 09:28 PM
Aug 14 2008, 02:47 PM
Soap opera's do so much to spread the immature notion that woman have to have men - that men can't keep it in their pants and that off-beat is bad some how. I love Days because it used to rise above all that bigoted crap. I hope it can do so again.
Wow, that's funny. I agree that it's an immature notion, which is why it doesn't surprise me that it's one Chelsea and Daniel possess. Has Chelsea ever even been single? If she takes Daniel back after learning about his relationship with Kate, it's just going to prove that she can't be a strong independant woman and stand on her own. Chelsea will stay that needy child she is right now, a needy child who needs her Daddy figure. The only way I see her getting her act together is getting the hell away from Daniel.

LOL, Daniel is no St. Celibacy. With all these "relationships" and "friendships" he has with Kate, Lexie, AND soon Nicole, I kinda find it hard to believe that he's committed to Chelsea and can keep it in his swim shorts. Has this man ever heard of male friends? He's a freaking skirt chaser.

Oh, and what exactly are you referring to as being off-beat yet appealing about Chan? The doctor/patient meeting, the father/daughter-esque vibe, the grandma fucking, the hero status of Daniel that Chelsea sees, or the complete asinine immaturity of both characters? Just wondering.
I consider them in my humble opinion as off-beat and appealing because they don't fall into the boxy little mold so many soap characters fall into. The miss perfect girl or slightly imperfect girl meets the bad boy and against all odds they make it, then break up, then make it, then break up......

I see a very flawed young woman and a very flawed man finding common ground. You asked so I am telling you.

The Grandma fucking was added as an after thought IMO. I was more disgusted when Kate fucked EJ and left her little embroidered bra behind.

I have said repeatedly if this isn't the end game - fine. I can deal with it - it is a stupid soap opera. But I will say what I think and feel about a couple or a SL no matter what any one else thinks. Just like you do.
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