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Aug 15 2008, 06:47 PM
Aug 15 2008, 06:12 PM
What about John? Wasn't that 2006 or it might have been 2005, I guess. She is always with one guy or another or after him. Roman before John, Victor before that and who was in between?. I mean, it never ends. I didn't say Daniel was blameless and if they decide to write this as a break up so be it, it's only a soap - but Kate the character has no reason in the world to say it isn't like her to sleep around. Turning one guy down doesn't erase the other 50 or so.
Kate slept with John once in 2005, and they were engaged. What a SLUT! Jesus, you claim she's with "one guy after another" (which she's not) because it never works out, I don't see how that makes Kate a "tramp". Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, people on soaps tend to be with one person after another, it's not that crazy of a concept.

Honesly, I think your reasoning for Kate being such a dirty "whore" makes no sense. It makes about as much sense as Chan.

Do I need to start posting the few and far between dates that Kate has actually gotten laid? Or does proof not matter?
Why when people don't like Dansea to they feel the need to attack people who do? Kind of like the people who like Lumi and Ejami attack each other.

I don't like Kate. Never have, never will. Lucas was an idiot to let her manipulate him all those years. If Lumi fans want to blame someone for breaking them up - point the finger at that witch.

She was a whore - paid for with money for sleeping with men. It's part of her history. Is she one now... no. She slept with John way more than once...and yes they got engaged. She was after him before that. I am speaking of a character - not a REAL person. Lauren Koslow is wonderful at the character or I wouldn't hate Kate as much as I do. I don't hardly hate any soap character.

Attacking me isn't going to change the fact that Kate was a prostitute in the past or that she sleeps around. She's do it more if given the opportunity. That is my opinion. You have your own. Talk about the character all you want - but stay to history and leave me out of it.

It's like the people who post who is writing Days because they have an opinion and it is all just hot air. We all have our own opinions and they amount to not much more than hot air. What proof does an opinion need? That's rhetorical BTW.
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