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Aug 15 2008, 07:06 PM
Boy - it kills me how I say one thing and it comes out with adjectives strewn loosely around that I didn't use. Historically Kate was a prostitute = whore - I didn't use it quite the way some of your took it. I went back and read my posts. No, I don't like Kate. I don't think I'm supposed to. But that's just me. Did I say I couldn't accept her sleeping with Daniel in the past? NO, because they've done it. I said it disappoints me they are going this way and I don't want her with him in the future because I like him. It's as simple as that. I still say it's only a soap and I am allowed to hate a character if I want to judge her on the way the character has behaved and messed up her kids lives. It isn't like I am judging her on her looks or the actress who plays her. That would be immature, spiteful and a little bigoted too.
Oh, so you meant stating Kate was a whore and slut in a good way. I see.

I'm not sure you can make the statement you haven't judged Kate on her looks, I seem to recall a post about Kate and fans but I'll let that go. You are certainly free to call Kate whatever you want. But I have a right to defend her against accusations. And it seems like all that matters is what happened in Kate's past years ago way before she was even in Salem.

And be careful there as we do not know Dan's full history yet. I'm sure he has some secrets in the closet that could come out. If one's past will always be there with you then who knows what he could be revealed as.
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