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Aug 15 2008, 07:06 PM
Aug 15 2008, 07:02 PM

I just cannot, in the WILDEST stretch of my imagination, even begin to see the comparison to Doug and Julie, except both couples have a male and female.
Julie was young, but she was already a mom. She was already established, and I don't think she had a hero/savior need issue like Chelsea seems to have. Certainly, Doug wasn't Ghandi and Christian Bernaard rolled into one. Chelsea fell for Daniel at a very weak point in her life.
Chelsea thought it was over for her and Daniel, and who does she run back to? Nick.
What, now we have Kate in the role of Addie? Well, Addie and Doug married. Now, since Addie was killed by a car, I SUPPOSE Chelsea could run over Kate and make the parallels more true.......
BUT, Addie and Doug were written as in love, if I recall.
And, if they put Chelsea and Dan on the cover of Time, I will TRULY be worried about the integrity of journalism.................
Bwah! Well, I know when Chelsea gets behind the wheel of a car I run away. I mean she almost killed Stephanie last year too don't forget.

Julie lied about her son. Julie stole, attempted murder. They eventually fell in love but Doug was hired to win her so she'd stay away from Susan Martin's husband. Julie was very needy. The first episode of Days is her grandpa Tom and uncle Mickey picking up a 16 year old Julie at the police station for shop lifting. She was the bad girl. She had two parents who were neglectful of her and her brother. It took years and years - at least ten as a character on the soap before she began to turn around. She very much had Daddy issues and many of her lovers, both married and unmarried, were older than her.

As you know, SoapCentral has histories. They list her crimes as:

Crimes Committed

Shoplifted from Bartlett's Department Store.
Accused of killing Larry Atwood.


My mother thought I was crazy for loving Julie and Doug as a couple too. There are still people who idolize Addie Horton as if she was a saint. I still don't see it that way. So, Daughter - Man - Mother or Grandmother - Man - Grandmother - sorry, I happen to see similarities.
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