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Aug 15 2008, 07:23 PM
I've watched for almost 40 years. I remember the first day that Adair woman came on the show very well. Kate was not brought in a sympathetic character then and I don't feel it now. I kid around and say kill her from time to time - but I don't want her off the show. I like the job Lauren does with her and you have to have conflict and characters not everyone likes. I still don't like the thought of her with Daniel in the future. That is all I was every trying to say. And yes, I probably shouldn't have brought up the prostitution thing. But I still think it's ridiculous to try to make herself out as some pure woman who never sleeps with a man. That's all I am saying.
Who said that? As in my initial post, I specifically said Kate was not some Salem virgin out there, but to claim she was a whore because she had a nefarious past years ago seems more far-fetched, especially given Kate's recent sexual past.
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