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Aug 15 2008, 07:15 PM
Hee, I forgot about that. Her sure fire way to reunite her parents by hooking to get them back together. Yes, that's a good reason for such a life while Kate was at least using her hooking to make a better life for herself and her children (if memory serves).
Oo! You know what this calls for, don't you?! My "John Doe and Suzy Q have a conversation about Kate" blurb!!!

John Doe: You know Kate used to be a hooker right?!
Suzy Q: Ew, like no way!
John Doe: Yeah way, she had, like, a pimp and everything.
Suzy Q: Shut. Up.
John Doe: I'm totally serious, it was Stefano.
Suzy Q: Stefano?! Ew, like, what was she thinking?!
John Doe: She had to support Lucas after being left by her first husband who abused her for years and made her think her first two children were dead, or something I can't remember...
Suzy Q: That tramp!
John Doe: She was high-priced, too, you know that?
Suzy Q: Ew, that's so gross! Kate's like, a total *****.
John Doe: Yeah, a high-priced *****. That's why she sleeps with, like everyone.
Suzy Q: Oh!...Is that why she has like a million kids?
John Doe: Yeah, she's a total ****.
Suzy Q: Ha! That's so funny!!

Sorry Tripp, I just had to.
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