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Aug 15 2008, 07:29 PM
I know, you're friends and share opinions and click together. I think it was unnecessary to be sarcastic but again that is my opinion and I don't think I have to go back and bring up everything Kate has ever done. I do not see her as you do. That's that. This is why it's hard to break into new places... I don't have to justify my opinion more than anyone else does. You say - don't bring up history - but then you want proof? That is like saying - don't say it's yes and don't say it's no. No one can break through that. If we can't agree to disagree it is not debate but nasty contention.
I never said you can't bring up history. But if you do, just make sure you get it accurate because Kate's hooking was not a means to push her being a slut or a whore. She didn't wake up and go "I love having sex with men so I'm going to use that to make money". No the show was clear she did it to make ends meet to support her son at the time. Like Fender brought up, she'd been abused by her first husband and already lost two children to adoption to get away from him. She did what she could to keep her next child Lucas.

Compare that to Chelsea trying to hook to reunite Bo and Billie. Or drugging Patrick to sleep with him. Or throwing herself at Dan while she is seeing Nick. Or actually trying to do Nick while Aunt Maggie is downstairs in the house. I'm just saying.
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