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I know, you're friends and share opinions and click together. I think it was unnecessary to be sarcastic but again that is my opinion and I don't think I have to go back and bring up everything Kate has ever done. I do not see her as you do. That's that. This is why it's hard to break into new places... I don't have to justify my opinion more than anyone else does. You say - don't bring up history - but then you want proof? That is like saying - don't say it's yes and don't say it's no. No one can break through that. If we can't agree to disagree it is not debate but nasty contention.
Sarcasm isn't allowed? I didn't know that.

Oops, there I go doing it again!

Listen, I am sorry if you've felt attacked by me, but I didn't. If anything, I'm being attacked by having someone point the finger at me over and again for seemingly nothing.

I don't remember saying don't bring up history, or anyone else saying that, all we're trying prove is that Kate wasn't lying when she said she "doesn't usually sleep around" (her words). That's because she doens't. In the past when she was a hooker, well yeah, that's kinda stupid to fight with, but I"m talking about now, recently (which you've already agreed to so I don't know why I'm still trying to explain this).
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