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Aug 15 2008, 04:58 PM
Let's wait and see.
Did they promo the return in prime, or was all ntwk/affiliate tease a Bope-fiesta?

Also, the whole J&M was not in any gear at all-- so not fair to say the Steph/Jawn/Mar + Tanna, etc stuff won't bump the ratings.

Some of the embittered loyalists who just tuned out may not have known exact timing. Who does a big return on the first Tues in August. Even Elijiah knows better than that!
They did promote the Bope renewal in Primetime I saw the promo many times .... it was the carriage ride! Last week they got rid of Ava and John moved into Marlena orbit! Stefano providing he angst for John to Save Marlena! So last week we had Bope, Tanna and the starting of John and Marlena, Stefano's return, some of Morgan and Phillip and Max, Melanie and Stephanie. So we had alot of vets, some younger stuff .... and the ratings still tanking ....
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