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Aug 15 2008, 12:35 AM
I ADORE Nicole. If there is one thing Higley is done is she's done great for Nicole and her relationship with EJ.

Looks like Ejole is heading for a stumbling block, which is fine. Good stuff here. Can't wait for the Noir stuff.
I agree with you. I always liked Nicole but I have absolutely loved her this time around. Ari's acting has really evolved and so has Nicole's "personality". That is why I don't believe that EJole are completely done, they've given Nicole so many layers and have done so much writing for their relationship thus far, even giving them Trent to deal with. They haven't been written as simply an "interloping" relationship. Nicole is the underdog. EJ and Sami have so many striking similarities to Sami and Austin, respectively. After years of chasing Sami, EJ will have her and then eventually realize she is not his true love and not want to be the second choice to Lucas (the Carrie in this situation). He'll see that his best friend Nicole, the one he was able to confide in and completely let his guard down with, is the woman for him after all. Go Ejole!! In the meantime though, I'd like to see Nicole completely seperate herself from EJ and let him go; I hope she won't subject herself to being his sounding board available at his convenience when he gets sick of Sami and her whining, when he needs to remember what it was like to have fun and be happy. I hope that Nicole doesmove on, like Ari says, maybe a new job and a new man.EJ will realize what he's missing when it's gone.
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