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Wellllll, I'm gonna say that as much as I hated his underhanded tactics, I'm gonna miss Ed Scott. He brought some GREAT producing aspects to Days, and the day-to-day stuff improved greatly, and I will even say that his writing on Days(and the diva's) has been very decent(even though I off/on enjoyed Dena's writing too, but I got alot more invested in it these past few weeks). He was the greatest Co-EP Days had in a long, long time and I know that I, again, will sorely miss him.

As I said in the other thread, Gary is not a hack(and dare I say I actually ENJOYED his time as OLTL's EP, as hated as his stories were, and Sunset Beach too), and he's gonna be Co-EPing and not HWing like he was with OLTL during the strike, so I think I'm up for giving him a chance.

As for the firing...hmmm, I'm also going to speculate its someone from a CBS soap. Josh Griffith, maybe(only one I could see getting fired right now), unless its an actor?
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