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Steve Frame
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I agree to a certain extent what you said Hops and overall ratings gains are true. But in the current format and climate of soaps this new breed of soap opera fans are attracted by the stunts like Bo & Hope's wedding and Stefano's return. Just look at this year the shows that got ratings bumps: Days in Feb with the Shirley Jones appearance and the plane crash; AMC with Jesse & Angie's wedding & stuff around it; Y&R the last few weeks with the crash; etc.

Those little stunts did get weekly bumps and daily bumps. They were heavily promoted and briefly raised the ratings before they all went back to the norm. Days stunts kept them up a little longer than the others back in Feb., but they eventually fell off too.

Today's soap fans aren't really interested in the long haul; these little stunts and stuff are what draw them in. I am one of the few that believe the daytime audience basically stays the same now, and when these shows get these little bumps it is part of that audience just bouncing to that show for awhile. After the little stunt is over, they bounce back to the next stunt or the show they were watching before.

I agree with you that long term ratings gains require consistent writing and balance. But with the current climate of daytime with the stuff Days put out last week and the fact that they promoted it as well as they did, they should have seen a gain - a small one but a gain none the less. They ddin't get it.
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