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Aug 16 2008, 06:56 AM
Well they are talking about CBS Television Distribution which syndicates a lot of their shows like ET, The Insider, Dr.Phil, Wheel Of Fortune and etc. not with CBS the Network, so it may not mean that these shows would replace ATWT or GL........

That's true but many of the affiliates are likely to go with these shows in place of GL and ATWT! There is a finite amount of air time on these stations and many affiliates are already putting GL on at 10 in the morning if at all so they can run Dr Phil or a block of Judge Judy at 3! With all of these other projects, it isn't hard to imagine stations doing the same to ATWT and dumping GL altogether! After enough major markets such as Boston(which is one that airs GL at 10:am)start shuffling the soaps around or not airing them at all, it wouldn't be long before the network finally pulls the plug!
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