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Aug 15 2008, 09:29 PM
Which black female star refuses to be paired with a black love interest?

Who could this possible be? Daytime barely has black female "stars" these days...

Days - Renee/Lexie is with Abe
AMC - Debbie Morgan/ Angie is with Jessie
Y&R - Eva Pigford is about to be paired with Neil

....my guess is Y&R's Christel Khalil...all (Kevin, Daniel and Cane) of Lily's love interests have been white.
I think that would be a good guess! There are several people in the media who do not consider CK to be "Black", including Victoria Rowell! I read that the young actress is of Middle Eastern heritage! But that was fallout from the whole Davetta Sherwood mess as well as VR pointing out how many "Black Actors" Y&R had in the cast a few months back! She mentioned there were only two! I can't consider the actresses who play Mel on GL or Bonnie on ATWT to be "STARS" so I would have to agree that CK seems likely! There WAS a brief flirtation with Devon and Lily and much later he was supposed to be carrying a torch for his "sister" but that last sub-plot, thankfully, went nowhere!
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