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Grandpa Hughes
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Aug 15 2008, 10:46 PM
1.)Ellen Wheeler isn't going to save soaps!!!! Hell, she's one of the reasons that soaps have sucked for years. She was always overrated as an actress and she sucked as a director. So, is it any suprise that she sucks as a producer?!! Not!!!! Those in the know in the Cincy Soap Hood have been laughing behind her back for god knows how long!!!!

2.)PGP and/or Telenext or whoever the fuck owns ATWT these days needs to stop worrying about their cast members sex lives and leave Perez Hilton alone!!!! Every GLBT member of the ATWT cast needs to run- and not walk -to the nearest office of the ADVOCATE magazine and freakin come out already!!!! Their closet doors are truly made of glass!!!!

3.) Hmmm....could the so called gay star who thinks he/she runs his/her soap be on the alphabet network which has a show which is supposed to be about a hospital but isn't?! Just wondering, you know!!! :wink:
With the exception of Wheeler being an overrated actress, I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote! And even EW's acting career was so long ago that I could have a different opinion if I saw her work these days!
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