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Aug 15 2008, 06:36 AM
The one thing that disappoints me about this is that Marlena is still insistent on old John returning. She will give up if he doesn't, instead of meeting nuJohn halfway and accepting him. I don't mean she has to fall for his crooked ways or anything, but if they showed her accepting some of his snark and finally learning about some of what's in nuJohn's heart (I see a guy who snarks and acts big and mean out of inner fear), that would have gone a long way into making me feel more positive about her. I wouldn't mind a blend of old John and new John. I'm just tired of people having to change for her. I know I'm going to get a lot of flack and disagreements and maybe even some nasty bashing towards me about that, but whatever. Like the long "suffering" Carolyn hinsey used to say "It's only MY opinion!".
But, like Tim said, if they are written as individuals instead of Siamese twins, I'd be just as happy. I LIKE seeing John call Marlena out on some of her hypocrisy instead of blindly going along. And yes, it would be OK for Marlena to call John out on his stuff, too (as long as it's not something she does but won't admit to. Like the whole paralyzing Stefano thing then scolding John for wanting to kill him).
I agree that I hate Marlena didn't give John a chance. I didn't want her to like his crooked ways either, but he was trying to be a better person for her when Phillip planted those drugs, then she had no faith in him. He had nothing to do with drugs and was obviously VERY anti-drug, but she couldn't believe him. From that point on, it became apparent that she wouldn't give him a chance without him getting his memory back, and she let him know it. That's why he moved on even though he had feelings for her. I hate them portraying Marlena as only loving John because of their history. She loves John period. Their memories came from that love, not the other way around.

Despite that, I do want them back together, and I'm excited! I just really wanted her to love him for him, and I wanted him to mature because of her love, but I can get over it. I love J&M! I can't wait to see Marlena with Sam, and John with old John. That should be awesome! And I still hope they will have a romantic journey back to that incredibly strong passionate love they've always had.
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