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Aug 17 2008, 02:04 AM
Aug 17 2008, 01:39 AM
By the way, Monday's episode is full of Scott's influence. You can just feel it. I guess you can say it's Maxam (who directs the episode) but still.
Well, who brought him to the show? It's a team effort, and I'm sure Ed Scott was the team leader in every respect.

I still just can't get over this. Posted Image
Exactly. I just hope he stays on, along with the other talent Ed brought.

I agree with Jane about the Nielson's. I'm beginning to think that is why what King says is true. I remember up to even a year ago, ratings made a difference. You would see some response from a soap whether that meant a big gimmick or a change of writers or something. Now, you see nothing done. I think the networks and shows have realized the system, which has always been flawed anyway, is just past the point of being a decent indicator. I mean, hell, the primetime numbers aren't the same either, especially in the Spring. As I said, it seems they are looking at soaps in a different way now. I have this suspicion that they see soaps as a way to promote other network causes and programs and I also think the networks have nothing else to go on. They know they can only have so many game shows and talk shows and the reality shows are hit or miss so you have to be careful there too.

If NBC sees no point to keeping Days and finds something cheap and effective to replace it with, then it's a goner. I don't see anything like that popping up for at least the next year so I think Days has at least that much left.

Back to Monday's episode, I remember Bryan Dattilo saying it was Corday's idea. This is clearly one of his better ones. It looked great and was so well-done. It was worth everything they put into it. If they put that much effort into all aspects of the show on a consistent basis, it would be flawless. Of course, no show ever is flawless if you really look at every detail :laugh: .
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