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Sharongate, bitches!

Aug 17 2008, 04:21 AM
Please don't let us loose Kathryn Foster and Noel Maxam...Days really needs to hold onto these two at least...
It depends where their loyalties are. Since Ed brought them there, they might feel a sense of endearment to him. Remember, those directors have only ever worked with Ed Scott, David Shaughnessy, or Jack F. Smith - all of those people are from the old Y&R stalk. They've never worked with Gary Tomlin, who himself is a director.

I don't expect people leaving immediately, but give it some time and they might. They won't have the comfort of working with a creative leader they've known for decades, like they did in Scott.

You better expect that Gary Tomlin is coming in with some production revamping though. He has a keen sense for the way he produces shows, from the filming to the music used. His background as a director may even lead to him brining in directors of his own, where that leaves the people Ed Scott brought in is anyone's guess.

The most interesting situation is that of Noel Maxam's. Not only is he a director, he is also a producer on the show. DAYS is his first job as a producer, and Ed Scott gave him that position. Gary Tomlin could easily replace him as a producer with one of his friends, that's been done on a lot of soaps over the years when a new leader comes in. I think if Maxam leaves or gets fired, it's safe to say the rest of the people Ed Scott brought in will either leave or get fired as well. Remember, most of these people don't come cheap either, and Corday is looking to trim the budget down as best as he can.

I think it will also be interesting to watch what production changes Gary Tomlin will make. Maybe he'll hire some new lower-level producers, bring in some of his director friends, or whatever. Things are going to change from a production standpoint, but it's nothing that the average viewer will probably notice.
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