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Sharongate, bitches!

Aug 17 2008, 05:05 AM
Did anyone considered the possibility Ed┤s firing and Griffith┤s hiring is not Higley related at all? I just read some past interviews with JG and he seems to be very much in sync with what a majority of DAYS viewers wants and/or what DAYS/NBC wants. He is saying the 18-49 demos is the most important one, he is saying they (OLTL at the time) aren┤t happy with just old viewers staying but want more young viewers watching too. And he is happy he brought more young characters to the show and spread the stories between all generations.

Maybe this is the same case like with Reilly and Corday simply used this overblown scandal as a way to get rid of producer who was forced onto him by Sony. And who knows, NBC might be even blaming Scott for the recent fall in the 18-49 demos. I doubt Corday is at the point where he can do anything he wants without consulting anyone and this change seems to be too prepared and already in motions than just a reaction for some sudden behind the screen war.

Maybe the decision to get rid of Ed was done months ago and they just waited till his contract ends, because IMO from what I read about Griffith so far he seems to be very much fit for DAYS, especially now when we are returning back to the Dimeras vs. Bradys and other more campy stories. Ed ´s great producer, but he is used to entirely different kind of soap from stories to pacing.

Call me naive and optimist, but maybe this change will not be bad at all at the end.
You mean Gary Tomlin, not Griffith. :laugh:

And truthfully, Tomlin is a very good fit for DAYS, at least on the surface. I think he'll understand DAYS' special brand of camp better than anyone else. He knows how to produce relationship drama, big stunts, special one-off episodes, and location shooting. He's a competent producer, but he's not as traditional as Ed Scott. Tomlin is more of an "innovator" when it comes to his vision and production sense.

However, I seriously doubt things will improve that much with Dena Higley still there. The goal is to get her out of there and find a suitable replacement. Nice production values are good, but if the writing sucks, who the hell wants to tune in to just watch nice camera angles and sets? Not most soap fans, I would guess.
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