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Aug 17 2008, 05:20 AM
Aug 17 2008, 05:16 AM
And truthfully, Tomlin is a very good fit for DAYS, at least on the surface. I think he'll understand DAYS' special brand of camp better than anyone else. He knows how to produce relationship drama, big stunts, special one-off episodes, and location shooting. He's a competent producer, but he's not as traditional as Ed Scott. Tomlin is more of an "innovator" when it comes to his vision and production sense.

However, I seriously doubt things will improve that much with Dena Higley still there. The goal is to get her out of there and find a suitable replacement. Nice production values are good, but if the writing sucks, who the hell wants to tune in to just watch nice camera angles and sets? Not most soap fans, I would guess.
I'm in complete agreement with you.

I can see Tomlin being a great fit at Days, but really... Higley's ass has got to go before anything's going to get better. That's really the bottom line.
Higley isn't even the problem its Cofday. Until he is gone there is no hope for true and substantial change because he's the one constant through the years of turmoil and declining ratings. However, I doubt you will find anyone from the show who will say a bad thing about him because by doing so, it would be like signing your own unemployment check.

I do think that this is what Higley wanted from the beginning, Scott gone. She doesn't seem like the kind of person who likes to be questioned or criticized even if the outcome may mean an improved product. It wasn't until this though that I started wondering if Corday was in on the whole scandal from the start as a way to push NBC and Siony to let him get rid of Scott.

IMO, its too late. Within a period of less than 10 years Days has lost half uts viewers and even big events like Stefano's return and Bope reviewing their vows can get Days even a temporary bump in the numbers so I don't care if Scott, Tomlin or my grandmother are producers, it won't matter one bit.
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