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Aug 13 2008, 03:35 PM
The notion that the Ejole fanbase consists of Lumi fans with a hidden agenda is nonsense. Results of some internet polls created by Ejami fans who feel "threatened" do not negate the countless posts I've seen from various users that they have no interest in Lumi or Ejami but could never enjoy watching EJ terrorize/romance his rape victtim, but are now enjoying the character with Nicole because of the side she brings out of him. There are also many who liked EJ before he went "BSC", whether they are Lumi fans or not, and have always liked James, but again, they hated EJ when he became totally dark and was terrorizing/romancing his rape victim. I've also encountered some who simply (believe it or not) have never seen the "undeniable chemistry" between Ejami and think Ejole have chem in spades. Then of course, there are some former Ejamis (like me) who were sick of Sami and the exhausting, staganant Ejami relationship, and wanted to finally see EJ with a woman who adores everything about him and wants him as first choice (especially with an awesome chick like Nicole), as opposed to Sami who constantly picks Lucas over him, and only showed EJ a modicum of affection once she concluded that he was changed into a goody two shoes and could support her and the children when Lucas was unavailable.

As for Sami telling EJ she has "feelings" for him but still loves Lucas Been there, done that

It strikes me as odd that just about all of these "Ejole" fans are flying a Lumi siggy. Just sayin.........
Excuse me? Do you see a Lumi banner in my signature? Never had one. No place.
Plus, even if they were Lumi fans liking EJole, so what? I DO happen to know of Lumi fans who like EJole for what you would probably consider "good reasons". I know EJami fans who are now EJole fans. HEll, I know Ejami fans who are Lucas and Chloe fans now!
Why is it so uncomprehensible that people can change their minds about characters? I couldn't stand Martha Madison's Belle unless Belle was with a Philip, especially JKJ's Philip. I felt there was a difference in the personality. I didn't like Mimi OR Shawn until they were put together.
I liked Ejami AND Lumi, both, and would have been happy either way until THAT day. Then, I had a hard time with EJami, not necessarily because of THE DAY, but because of the sudden redemption of EJ simply because he told MArlena where John was. Not only that, but the Lucas bashing on boards that turned into BD bashing got way out of hand. Then, I was turned off to Lumi because of the frequent use of the word "rapist". BOTH groups had people that just made the whole idea blech to me. Between that and Sami's bipolar attitudes, that was it.
Then, when I saw how well (I considered) Arianne Zucker and James Scott worked together, I was hooked and thought there was a new chance to enjoy EJ and give the character a fresh start, away from the controversy. I'll wager that's what others saw, too. Sure, maybe there are some that root for EJole only to save Lumi (which right now, isn't happening, at least for a while. Lucas needs a break). BUT, by the same token, there are EJammers whom I KNOW are rooting for Lucas and Chloe just to get Lucas away from Sami. So, anyway.......
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