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I still think even though Ken Corday is not the best businessman in the world that the bigger problem is too much interference from outside sources like NBC and Sony.

Even under Betty Corday and Al Rabin the worst times for Days were when NBC stepped in and demanded changes - specifically in 1980 when NBC was really forcing big changes on it's soaps to be more like GH. Days really changed big time.

People keep talking about Ken being the problem. Ken has run this show alone pretty much since about 1985. Betty didn't die until 1987, but her health was failing by 1985. Ken stepped up to the role working with his mom & Al Rabin until her death and then with Rabin alone until 1992 and then with Langan.

During those years Days was prospering and still very good. NBC was interfering much. Albeit he is the one that brought JER later in the 90's. But he was there pretty much during Sherri Anderson's run in the mid 80's and then all of it in the 1990's.

I mean the man was great during the 90's working with even an inferior producer like Tom Langan who was his co-EP from 1992 to 2002 - much of that was very well balanced and very good for Days.

If Ken was as incompetent as he is made out to be then those years would have been terrible too as you had 2 very incompetent men running things.

I know that there have been some Ken bashers all along, but I never heard the like of it until during Hogan's term especially. I know that he has made some dumb decisions in recent years but he is not the first Exec to do that - even Agnes Nixon has made a few of those herself.

But I think the biggest problem is that there are just too many trying to push their vision on Days and too much interference from NBC and Sony. If they let Ken be the producer he was from 1987 to about 1997 then the show could be great again.

Ed Scott did need to go and I for one am happy that he is gone if he did the things that he is accused of.
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