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Aug 15 2008, 04:46 PM
What a thorough post, Pheonix! Good points!

I thought todays show was dragging on some fronts. How long do we have to see people cough and point at the smoke...and come in and talk to Marlena and leave. Poor woman!
I loved John in fix-it mode.
And what is up with the Lexie/Nicole conversation? Sometimes Lexie needs to keep her trap shut about matters of relationships...not like we see Lexie and EJ commiserating at all, and not like Lexie and Sami are the best of buds. That was weird.

My favorite part was the Sami/EJ part. It was different, a nice change of pace, and really not sure why the door opened for them both times, but is now locked shut. Plot device I guess. Their chat, while repetitive, was a welcome break from the insanity of the 7th floor. Kinda got caught up in the kiss at the end...and I am almost sure that will be the end of it. No follow up to it. No next scene. When they are both caught up in it, those two are magnetic and romantic together...although i am such a sucker for British guys with their shirt open and their tie hanging.

Also loved that when Willow or Ford Decker fall down the stairs, they are instantly dead. When EJ falls down the stairs, he rubs his head and gets back up! That's my stallion!
LMAO, I was really worried about EJ. That was quite a fall. ITA with your points. I still LOVE not having to FF at all, and I love seeing the vets, but some of it was a bit repetitive. After the great Payla scenes earlier in the week, they seemed wasted at the end when all they did was cough. Same with people walking in on Marlena and leaving, but I did like Marlena looking over at that syringe constantly and Anna just talking away totally missing it, lol.

John in no-nonsense fix-it mode is pretty sexy to me (ok, Drake is always pretty sexy to me, but I really liked him here). As always, I enjoyed Tony and Anna's scenes. Tony and John play off of each other really well imo. I love watching them together. EJ and Sami were probably my favorite scenes (and I'm a J&M fan and vet fan, I only like Ejami). In the midst of turmoil, I loved them just sitting there comforting, talking, being there for each other. It was very sweet and peaceful despite the circumstances.
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