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Steve Frame
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Okay I am just thinking about something here - what if we have blamed Corday for all the interference in writing and it really hasn't been him? What if it has been his co-EP's all along?

I mean if Corday was overseeing the writing as we have all believed and not just business end of things - then how in the hell did Ed Scott get to do this stuff anyway?

Follow me here when I researched Corday's time with the show earlier today it didn't even dawn on me then, but look at it.

Corday was pretty good as Days EP from 85 to about 99 when Langan took over the HW job and Wyman moved more into Langan's job all alone.

2000 is when the show really started to fall apart as far as balance and writing and the like.

From 2000 to 2007 when Wyman was the EP the show was always inconsistent - things always seemed to start and then change.

In comes Edward Scott, he and Hogan seem to gel and things start to come together. Hogan and Ed probably worked well together and had a similar goal in mind - Hogie in essence was on Ed's side of things. Together they were working to unseat Corday and overrule him on the show.

Corday fights back and hires a HW who will look after his interest on the show and not Scott and Sony.

Guess what the writing falls apart again. The reason I think so is that Ed Scott is overseeing the show while Corday is dealing with the business and financial side of things - just like his Mother did. She let Kenney and Rabin look after the production of the show and she took care of the business side of things - thus they were often called Supervising Executive Producers.

Scott has been heavily interfering with Higley and it shows onscreen - much like it did under JER's 2nd run and Hogan's run.

I just think Wyman was more the problem with the writing and stuff than Corday was the more I think about it. If Corday was the full problem I think the big problems we have seen since 2000 would have showed up a whole lot sooner than they did. But for 15 years, Corday to me was good for Days and really lead it to great success in the 90's.

I still think Ken has made some dumb decisions. I think he was the one who did choose to fire Brash & Cwikley and that was dumb. But some of the other stuff I am just not sure about anymore. I think he is just caught between fighting NBC and Sony and now is even having to fight the staff closest to him for control of his own show. There is no way in the world that all that is not going to show onscreen.
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