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I enjoyed Friday as well.

The baby Joe drama was great as was the pick up of the EJ/Sami drama. I did enjoy them today. The kiss was nice and I liked the talk they had about Lucas and her feelings. The surveilance camera stuff came off looking good (thanks Ed!) and I like the setup to Nicole's dream. Enjoyed seeing Abe and Lexie involved and their scenes with Roman, Philip, and Nicole. I like seeing the reactions of all of them as things happen.

I liked Stefano taunting John over the intercom too. Good stuff. Enjoyed John and Tony working together. The end with Marlena was a nice setup to her visitor next week. I already ranted about the whole situation with Nicole's dream taking over for two days and how I feel dropping the hospital story is hurting momentum (much like dropping the other stories during this period) but, having watched Monday, it is VERY GOOD and I think the way it's executed actually will make all this work and flow and maybe not hurt things like I thought. I still think the other stories that are non-existent during this two week period are being hurt but I do think the momentum of the hospital story will no longer be hurt as badly as I thought.

Anyway, whoever wrote the show, it was a very good week and it's been a SUPERB two weeks and a very good few weeks when you go back longer. Just hope things continue to go this way. I'm just choosing to separate the backstage junk from the show because I don't want to put a damper on things. I'm just going to sit back, enjoy, and hope for the best.
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