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I enjoyed the episode. Some of the acting was unimpressive, but the well designed sets and beautiful costumes helped make up for it. This was also a welcome change of pace from the hospital storyline and the Stefano pity party scenes.
I absolutely loved the Phloe scenes and the nod to Phloe history. It's good to know that TPTB haven't forgotten about your fanbase and couple.
I find it funny that in fantasies (i.e. film noir and Santeen), EJ is always written as an adultering jerk, when in 'reality' they write him as a man who remained celibate for over a year, lol.
James and Ari's incandescent chemistry still remained intact even in the 40s. Their kiss was great.
Sami was possibly even more irksome in the fantasy than she in in 'reality'.
Ari was the star of this episode, she played the scorned woman well and brought the right layers to the role. Her facial expression when she discovered EJ was cheating on her broke my heart. Nicole also touched me when she expressed a sentiment of not being good enough for EJ :(
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