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Aug 18 2008, 09:56 AM
I watched... just some thoughts:

- The direction was GORGEOUS. Wow.

- The sets were beautiful, the costumes, makeup etc all perfect.

- JKJ, James Scott, Ari Zuker and especially Bryan were great and very into it, but

- Ali and Nadia pretty much ruined their scenes.

Ali was trying, at least, though I just don't think she has the stage presence or confidence to pull off something like this. Her voice was annoying, and it made her character come off to me as too 'cartoonish'. But Nadia... I mean, to me she looked like she was blankly reading off of cue cards or something. She does have a beautiful singing voice; I don't mean to comment on that part. I think maybe the problem (for me at least) is that that I've gotten used to the Chloe character having that monotone voice and stare, and then when Nadia plays another character exactly the same way, it becomes even more apparent.

As a whole, though, I like when Days tries something creative, and I'm very glad they did this. I hope the actors and crew had fun with it!
Agreeed, and that's why I was happy when Nicole tried to kill Sami.
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