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I just watched it and I loved it!

It was different, creative, and albeit a little cheesy, but when has Days not been a little bit cheesy?? Really. We knew this was a little gimicky for the Olympics, so I am surprised that people aren't enjoying it for what it is.

James, Ari, Ali, JKJ and Bryan were fantastic! They did an excellent job with their characters, really knew how to wear the clothes and act the part. Nadia has such a beautiful voice, and I liked the Goul Girl look, and her transformation.
Ali's voice irked me to no end in the beginning - loved that her costars seemed to want to crack up when she talked - but toward the end, her voice fit with the airheadedness of her ditzy character. I thought she did a great job making that character different and her own.
Nicole, as always, delivered wonderfully.
James was gorgeous and can really do that period justice.
Loved all the guys, and girl, smoking. Something about that just really made it for me. Probably because you don't see people smoking on daytime TV.

Again, a little cheesy, but I am okay with cheese if there is some entertainment value. I was definitely entertained and enjoyed seeing my favorite characters have a little break from "reality" to act a little different.
I give it two thumbs and look forward to tomorrow!

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