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Aug 18 2008, 12:47 PM
Aug 16 2008, 10:31 PM
I don't think Sami told EJ her true feelings, unless you mean, "I love Lucas but he doesn't want me so I have to move on. And since I have some mostly undefined feelings for you, and we're trapped here and I need your help fighting off your father, we can see what happens. Maybe."

EJ needs to get something in writing with that girl.
ya know, pa, as much as I loved the EJ/Sami scenes in the stairwell - the honest, tranquil talk was a lovely balance to the chaos of the rest of the story - you are right.

There was nothing really exhanged that we didn't already hear once. Sami didn't say anything promising. EJ didn't hear anything that he didn't hear before, other than she pushed him aside intentionally because she wanted to work it out with Lucas. She did say that she can't help the feelings she has for him, but she didn't say what the feelings were. "Anything is possible" could also mean "I still don't want anything to do with you" if Sami wanted to spin it that way.

The kiss was quite sexy, but I have a feeling there will be no followup.
If I start making out with a man like that, I would expect that there would be some hot feelings, maybe we start dating, have some couple-moments, etc. With those two, tomorrow Sami will act like nothing happened, probably won't even be able to say the word "kiss" and EJ will be following her around thinking they are one step from engaged.

Sigh...this is really getting to be old.
I agree, Alligato. Until I hear Sami say "I love you" to EJ, it will be the same old, same old. I used to be a LUMI fan, never an EJAMI fan, but now I wish they would all go away from each other. Sami needs to be alone. I think the kiss was just a set up for Nicole to see to advance the fantasy she has while drunk, nothing more. Sorry, EJAMI fans, you may have to wait a little longer, if ever. Days just needs to cut their losses with these three and move in another direction.
Edited to add: which I thought they were with EJ and Nicole, but now, not so much.
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