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Aug 18 2008, 03:11 PM
I said this on another board, but I'll repeat it here. I honestly think the last time Born actually played a real three-dimension character was Robert/Quinn on SB. Otherwise? Terrible Tom, Mitch Laurence, and the prison warden on Passions (ETA: add Jim on AMC to that list) might as well be Trent, just with different wardrobes. He lost his appeal to me a long time ago.

That being said, I still think his portrayals of Robert Barr and Quinn Armitage were nothing short of AWESOME.
I never saw him as Robert/Quinn on SB, but you're right in saying that he always plays the same "type" of character. In his defense though, he plays that "type" damn well. He creeped me the fuck out as Mitch Laurence. He reminded me of a cult leader or something, LoL. Then as Terrible Tom, he was just such a smarmy, no good bastard and as usual, it seemed as if he played the part a little too well.

Trent Robbins has definitely been his weakest role yet.
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