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Aug 18 2008, 06:36 PM
What has Days done with my beloved grey characters? This may not be a popular thought, but they are my thoughts.

Sami-Hogan decides to turn Sami into a "heroine". (Which I have still not bought. I feel that she has done what she WANTED to do all along, using being forced into it is her fall back excuse). Enter Higley- Now she is shrieking, weak, can not make up her mind, never plots, plans or extracts the Sami vengence. I hate it! I want the fiesty, manipulating, agressive, passionate Sami back. Growing the character up to me never ment turning her into a good girl. It ment she would get better at her plotting and more sophisticated in her approach, accepting what she truly is...the Anti-Brady. I want that Sami.

EJ- Turned from an obvious bad guy to a crazed lunitic to love struck puppy by Hogan. Enter Higlley-Now he is a yoyo of affection. He is tolorating behaviors EJ DiMera would NEVER stand for. He plays weak to new John. He is Sami's lap dog and Nicoles patsy. EJ is a character that is dark, stuck between two worlds, smart as hell and in love with a Brady. Not this wishy-washy I will take what is given to me guy that is being protrayed.

Nicole-Enter Higley-Nicole Is the worst of all. She has gone from a cold hearted bitch to a whining, crying, I am scared of a man I would normally crush or have killed, pathetic looser. She has been turned from a coniving, manipulating man eater to a weak character that can only be "saved" by a man. People are feeling sorry for Nicole now...if that doesn't show you just how much the character has been destroyed I don't know what will.

Days already has it's "good guys". The people that like the "good guys" have plenty of characters to choose from. Why are they taking the characters I love, the grey ones and turning them into...well for lack of a better statement, crap. I like, no I LOVE the trouble makers. For me, they are what makes a soap, soap-y! I like internal struggle of good and bad. I like watching a cold and manipulating character work their magic with occational bouts of kindness. I loved EJ and Sami because they are cut from the same cloth and I wanted that side of Sami to be free and loved. They would make fantastic team mates. I thought an out and out battle between Sami and Nicole would be a blast to watch. I like the characters that drive the story, not just react. Unfortunatly, IMO they have all been nutered and I for one don't like it.

My point I guess is, I don't like nor understand why the writers are wiping out the grey characters. Those that have brilliance in both their evil deeds and their acts of kindness are the ones I want to watch and love the most. Yet, these character are being wiped out or mutated. I hope to see the return of the grey character. They are sorely missed by at least one person, me. Imagine if when looking back in Days history, there was no Kristen, Vivian, Tony (who we found out was Andre at the time.) or any of the other great grey charcters we have had thoughout Days history? This is the eppidemic I fear and I am watching play out on my TV.

I want the edge brought back to my beloved grey characters. For this is the medium I love the most and find myself missing more and more.

EDT:spelling corrections and gramatical errors.
A succinct summary that echoes my sentiments. I can hardly fault the producer and actors of Days for taking a red pen to their scripts. Higley's character assasinations are multiple, but those three are among the most damaged.
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