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I should make clear that I was asked to write this post for another member as they were feeling upset over their treatment at the NBC site. Having gone through similar experiences at NBC Dool board, I felt that this was a challenge that I had to accept. I posted the letter here so that others can be made aware of the petition and lend their support to the overall betterment of the NBC DOOL fan board, and to the treatment of ejami's there. Censorship is a very funny thing, however when we discuss our show on a board that is supported by the television network that the show is on, all discussion on that board should be upheld and treated in a manner of respect to our viewership and intelligence.

That being said I hope you all lend your names to the petition and have a fruitful discussion.


I write this petition as a means to address my concerns around the problematic treatment that I have witnessed among other members and have experienced from the moderators at the NBC Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Fan Board. My worry and concern surrounds the way that the moderators censor those of us posters who do not feel the same about the show that they do. Moderators at the NBC DOOL Fan Board display a certain form of favoritism towards those posters and fans who prescribe to the coupling of Sami and Lucas.

I would like to know on whose behalf the NBC moderators are working on. I am a user at NBC and I take issue to the way that the Days of Our Lives fan board is being moderated. I feel that the moderators act on behalf of particular fans. In my mind they are biased and take no accountability or responsibility for the decisions that they make. I am tired of feeling as though my voice does not count on this site. My issue with the moderators is that they play favorites. They are fans of the show, and in particular fans of a particular couple, and if we the users are not in accordance with the couple that they prefer, our voices are squelched and denied. They use tactics and means that are tantamount to censorship.

The moderators remove posts without notifying users, they shift posts to less prominent areas on the site, so as to ensure that their couple remains paramount on the front page of the website. As you know the front page of any webpage is the most important real estate of any webpage. For them to remove posts and place, rather bury them on other areas of the site, is censorship. The very fact that the moderators do not at the very least warn users that their posts are being removed and being placed in other areas of the site is an issue that needs to be addressed.

More importantly the moderators of the board do not moderate those users who are friends of theirs, who they know from other fan sites, and who conform or who are apart of the couple fan bases they prefer. All of which is a problem, as they are displaying to my mind a bias that is problematic to the enjoyment and my over all usage of this site. What is clear is that some ground rules need to be established for the moderators. Rules that they need to adhere to in regards to their jobs at the site. It is one rule for all, not turn a blind eye when it is a couple they like, nor to ban members who like or prefer a different couple then the moderators. Most of these issues can be ameliorated if some form of appeal process is put into place so that decisions such as these are not made in isolation from an over arching management structure. Whatever may be the case, it would seem that the moderators at NBC are not mature enough or capable in that respect to administer fair and equitable treatment for all, as it pertains to fan board comments and posts.

If you feel the same way, or have experienced the same problems and would like for the issue to be addressed, please sign this petition.

For more information please visit this stie: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/NBCDOOLForum/
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