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Interesting post, Shaka!

I totally agree about EJ. The one thing I hope that he has going for him is that instead of being "weak" where John is concerned, he is biding his time. After Steffie left, EJ had no money (supposedly), no backing, no "evil" support group, and no ground to stand on. John easily took over, especially as EJ was trying to redeem himself in Sami's eyes by not going after the Dimera fortune for Johnny.
However, working FOR John brings EJ back into the Dimera knowledge, and maybe more able to take control of this big empire if John slips up, i.e. goes to prison for kidnapping Paul.
There is possibility there for grey EJ.

Sami is gone to me. I don't know who she is or what happened to her. I have sometimes hated Sami, but I never HATED her as a character. This summer, I couldn't stand to hear her, watch her or even attempt to listen to her. She made no sense.
The destruction of Sami has been a huge disappointment and I do miss my anti-Brady. Saint Sami of Hogan was awful too. I would like to see her scheme to get EJ/Lucas/whoever and know what she wants and gets it. It has always bothered me that she wants EJ to change who he was, but Sami has fought people all her life who have wanted her to change who she was. I doubt she has changed, but recently I don't know who she is.

Nicole has been most interesting to me. When she is mean spirited, like when she pulls out some mean digs at Sami about her weight and bratty kids, I don't enjoy her. I liked her divorce from Victor and the scenes they had, some scenes with Phillip, and a few scenes with EJ...Pookie was an interesting touch to her.

The Nicole/Trent scenes were drawn out and anticlimactic. I didn't like that she wanted EJ to save her from Trent. The Nicole who got people to electrocute Victor could have gotten rid of Trent if she wanted.
Since she has been back, she has had many layers, possibly has matured a bit, and I enjoy Ari as an actress and she has chemistry with almost any person she is opposite (Vic, Tamara, Chloe, Sami, EJ, Lucas, Phil, etc) so I think she is good for the story, but the story she is in now doesn't do her talents justice.

I don't know if shifting her into Dr. Dan's atmosphere is going to help her, but maybe it will bring a story there that she can run with.

This trio, along with Phillip/Lucas/Chloe, have such potential to be in the prime soap spot with crazy stories and crazy drama and to have a major role because I think they are all great actors, and I feel it is being wasted on petty crap.
Higley or whoever has f-ed this up royally and turned it into a circus show that people can't stand.

What can we do?
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