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I want to thank one and all for participating in this petition. I too think that it is an excellent idea and congratulate the member who approached me to write the over arching letter, for thinking up the idea. For too long we have been silenced and bullied on the NBC site for talking about our favorite couple and soap. Any and all dissention from the pack of followers on that site should be seen as a good thing, as it can only mean the betterment of our soap and its characters. We are fundamentally shaping the soap into one that we can watch and feel proud to watch. I wish that the moderators on NBC should do just that - moderate, rather then to squelch and silence those of us who do not view the soap in the same way that they do. I for one am tired of writing pieces that are deleted or moved because a) the moderator is unable to understand words that are more then one syllable or B) because I feel passionately and strongly about a particular couple (ejami) and all things Days and choose to demonstrate this passion through my writings. My writings for those who have not had a chance to read my posts are ones which examine salient storylines that that not only involve my favored couple, but examine the overall body of the soap and its genre in general. The fact that there is no mechanism in place to complain about the moderation at NBC, to call into question the decisions that the moderators make or the ratinales used for such decisions is a serious lack in website management or administration, an issue which needs to be addressed for all clients and users of the NBC website, as it is the primary source for which we can hope to influence the soap on a day to day basis regarding the storylines and the direction that the soap is taking.

I ask myself daily if the rules and moderation of the site is something for which I can support....

For me, I have given up, as I realize that anything that is worthy of writing or examined through prose will ultimately be deleted or moved to less prominant areas of the site. Hopefully this petition will open a few eyes and ears over at NBC, or at the very least make me feel like I have the ability to have a say in the way that the site is governed. I hope everyone takes a chance to place their name and be counted.

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