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Labor Day on CBS
The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will be pre-empted on Monday, September 1 and Friday, September 5 for CBS coverage of the U.S. Tennis Open.

Labor Day on NBC
Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted Monday, Sept. 1, because of the Labor Day holiday.

Labor Day on ABC
The following encore episodes are scheduled for broadcast on the full network on Labor Day, September 1, 2008:

ALL MY CHILDREN #9881 (original air date 5/27/08)--All hell breaks loose on Angie and Jesse’s wedding day. Jesse rescues Angie from the helicopter after Rob kidnaps her but Tad is shot. Julia refuses surgery knowing she is going to die. Dixie visits Julia and thanks her for taking care of Kate. Kendall tells Ryan that she had sex with Aidan and that Greenlee found out at the wedding. Zach visits Greenlee and finds her throwing Aidan’s belongings out of the apartment. Greenlee pulls Zach into a kiss.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE #10232 (original air date 7/22/08)--This is the second of the 40th Anniversary episodes and features Viki’s emotional reunion with Ben in heaven. Ghost Mel and David ask Dorian to save Viki and she does after David’s promise to divorce Addie. Clint has a phone call from Cord and Cristian fights to get to Sarah and save her from the falls.

GENERAL HOSPITAL #11592 (original air date 7/708)--In this episode Lulu witnesses Logan attacking Maxie. Logan tries to make Lulu understand, but in defense, she winds up stabbing him. Jax and Kate are caught in a compromising position when she accidentally drops her engagement ring and has to “lean over him” to retrieve it. Carly vents to Jason that she plans to destroy Kate and get her to leave town. He calls her out on sleeping w/Sonny but she explains that away. Claudia and Anthony have a heated discussion in which a bit of her past is revealed.


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