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TV SOAP: With the rumors that broke two weeks ago, how does the Dena Higley (head writer, “DAYS”) in-fighting with “DAYS” and all the commotion going on behind the scenes affected you?

BLAKE BERRIS: I am always the last to hear about everything. I had not been working enough. And you know 4 or 5 months ago I found out Hogan was not our head writer, and that happened 8 or 9 months ago! (He laughs). So, that shows you how much I know!

TV SOAP: What was your take on the whole “DAYS” writing scenario?

KRISTEN RENTON: In my opinion, “DAYS” is a big family and we all want the show to be the best that it can be. Sometimes as an actor, there might be a line that we want to change. We go through the writers and producers to let them know of our idea, but now if somebody is doing something else, I am unaware of it.

TV SOAP: But has this been distracting for the cast, or fodder for gossip?

KRISTEN RENTON: I think it’s both! There has been a lot of tension on set. It has gotten to the point, where at times, it’s gotten unbearable and you don’t even know where it’s coming from. You just walk on set and it’s, “Whoa!” But, when you are trying to make the show the best you can make it be, you are going to find moments like that and it comes with the territory.
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