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The only GOOD thing Dena has done is give Nicole some depth to her character. I don't understand the bitching. She gets the settlement, runs into a man who actually makes her feel loved instead of using her for whatever suits their purpose (like with Trent, her father, etc) and she's older and more mature now, so she should be able to see when someone good comes along.

Do I miss her bitchyness? Yeah, but it still comes out. The only problem is her development is becoming more forced rather than gradual. Going from "Yes I want a huuuge divorce settlement and lots of money" to "Money's not all I want" shouldn't have happened as fast as it did. More being conflicted over her feelings would've been nice. She starts bordering on facing her real emotions (that the money, drinking and badness is just a cover), then she sees EJ and Sami in the thing.. and starts to revert to her old ways and maybe get swayed by either EJ, upon realizing that Nicole is better for him than Sami, or someone else on the show.

But either way, I do like that they made Nicole be a bit more multi-dimensional rather than just an evil bitch.
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