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Aug 18 2008, 09:17 PM
Aug 18 2008, 03:11 PM
Terrible Tom, Mitch Laurence, and the prison warden on Passions (ETA: add Jim on AMC to that list) might as well be Trent, just with different wardrobes. He lost his appeal to me a long time ago.
That statement is just sooo beyond wrong.

The difference between Tom Fisher and Mitch Lawrence is like night and day. Tom Fisher was very three dimensional, he just wasn't a good guy. Those are the best kinds of characters.
I've got to agree with that! Just because an actor is playing a "bad guy", it doesn't mean he's playing the same role over each time! Judith Chapman's Gloria is MILES away from her Natalie, Charlotte, Anjelica etc! They were all villainess roles but she brought something different to each one IMO! I didn't see Born on PASSIONS or the other short term roles so I can't speak to those! His work on THE CITY was great and he WAS a good guy back then! His Joe Novack on RH was layered too! I agree that the scenes with Trent and Nicole were getting repetitive and were damaging to her character but even as Trent, I thought Born VERY occasionally made you wonder if the guy had a soul in there! The scene with Max where Trent spoke of watching Shawn Brady with the child Max was one of those moments! It degenerated into snarling and verbal abuse but there was that instant of ambiguity!
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