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Monday, September 1st
No show

Tuesday, September 2nd
Stefano returns to reclaim his mansion and is arrested by Bo; John is summoned to the police station to answer questions about the Paul Hollingsworth case; Hope arrests Paul; Max is still interested in getting to know his sister.

Wednesday, September 3rd
Daniel tells Chelsea he wants to move forward with her; Morgan confronts John; Bo tells John Paul to turn himself in; Roman tells John that Stefano will not be charged with any crime; Victor pays Stefano a visit.

Thursday, September 4th
Abe and Lexie spend time with Theo at the playground; Trent asks Marlena out, which prompts her to ask John for a divorce; Nicole befriends John and tells him a secret about Trent's past; Stefano has a family meeting with E.J. and Tony.

Friday, September 5th
Lucas asks Chloe to join him at the Horton cabin; Kate insults Lucas' choice in women; Mickey tells Lucas that he and Sami are being granted joint custody of Allie; Daniel admits to Hope that he still loves Chelsea.

CDN TV Guide spoilers

No show

Stefano returns to reclaim his mansion and he is arrested on the spot; Morgan is reunited with Paul at the park.

Chelsea and Daniel discuss where they stand as a couple; Victor pays an important visit to Stefano.

Trent asks Marlena out over breakfast; Stefano has a family meeting with EJ and Tony.

Lucas asks Chloe to join him at the Horton cabin; Sami refuses to share her daughter with Lucas.

**UPDATED 8/22**

SOW Sneak Peeks

Week of 8/25
Lucas vows to get custody of Allie
Roman gives Bo 48 hours to crack Paul's case
Nick comes to Max and Stephanie's rescue
Steve decides to investigate Trent

Can't miss:
Morgan sees her father

Week of September 1st
Lucas and Chloe start moving Allie
Bo arrests Stefano
Morgan confronts John
Theo loses it
Marlena is asked out

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