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Daniel admits to Hope that he still loves Chelsea.

The man must have a brain tumor. What is wrong with these people?! Why are Chan still fucking getting forced on us?! I can't take it anymore!

Kate insults Lucas' choice in women

And this is new news, how? Holy fucking shit this spoiler could have came out in 1998 and still been legit.

Good to know that as soon as grandma sex comes out, Kate goes right back to being obsessed with Lucas. Why can't they give this woman a real story, a real romance or something? Would it kill them? Would Dena Higley or whoever the fuck is writing this show break out in hives if Kate got a storyline?

Abe and Lexie spend time with Theo at the playground

Ooo, yippee. Remind me not to miss that.

Victor pays Stefano a visit

Only thing worth watching this week.
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