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IMO she did have a heart before. She had one when she was with Brady. She loved him and was trying to be a better person at the same time she would do just about anything to perserve what she had with him. So for me? She was a layered character. There were different layers to her. NOW it seems that she is a weepy, weak female, the end.

I know others do like her becoming a "good" girl and feel sorry for her. I have seen it on the boards. But it seems these are the same people that love the "good guys"...which is fine. I don't begrudge anyone that. But there are some of us that like a soap for the trouble makers, the drama and the internal struggle that goes on between good and bad. I am one of those. We don't have very many characters left anymore because they are being wiped out one by one.

I agree that they moved to fast but even in moving quickly? It was not a redemption I wanted to see. I didn't want to see Sami's so called redemption either. EJ needed to be redeemed a bit because of the one note villain the character was taken to when truly the character has so much more to offer. At this point I just want them to give him back his balls.

My favorites have always been a little jaded for example:
Patch-he used to be a bad ass!
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