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Aug 19 2008, 04:23 PM
Aug 19 2008, 03:45 PM
Looks like Monday is the best day!
No shit, cj!

All of this sucks! Where's Phorgan? Where's Nicole? Where's Ej/Sami? Where's Tanna? WTH with Marlena and Trent?

And I am neutral on the Jarlena stuff, but this is getting about as annoying as the EJamicus stuff. Either put them together or don't...but the constant "I love you. I want a divorce since you are with Ava. I love you. I want a divorce since you are with Trent." leaves me hating everyone involved. Come on!
And Marlena would NEVER date a nasty dude like Trent...maybe Victor, but not Trent.

I thought Stefano was going underground...why is he un-arrestable?

There is slight possibility with the Stefano/Tony/EJ meeting, but come on!

And 2 whole damn weeks of Chan? Really? Is that necessary? Yes, why introduce Kate if he was going to end up with Chelsea anyways?

Yea, Ed's stuff is done. Dena's back!
Yep,Marlena would NEVER date a guy like him,when she was at the Ick Cafe she was totally putt off by him,I like the actor,but Marlena is so much taller than him,not like that matters,but this is just ANOTHER stupid random ridiculous thing.
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