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Aug 19 2008, 04:01 AM
Aug 19 2008, 03:56 AM
From her quote, it sounds like Ed Scott is who saved her from being canned.

Where you surprised Morgan lasted this long on “DAYS” after the sorority storyline? You are a now a full-fledged member of the Salem canvas!

First off, I am on contract, and it’s a fantastic story! When Belle and Shawn got let go, I got nervous, because I had not been integrated into the whole storyline yet, and they were doing house cleaning. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t a dust ball! So I wrote my agent who forwarded my email to Ed Scott (exec prod, “DAYS”), which said, “How much I love my job, and I will put all the blood, sweat and tears in everyday there.” They came back with a four-year deal!

Yep, but Kristen is sadly mistaken if she honestly believes that a four-year deal on Days means anything.

Now that Ed's gone, I wouldn't be surprised to see her out the door, too. Especially if she's the rumored diva.
A contract on Days is about as good as the paper it is written on. I doubt she is the rumored "diva", but I also doubt her email saying she would work really hard everyday is what got her to stay. If they want to keep you, they will. Being a work horse isn't going to necessarily save your job on Days if they don't want to write for your character. Ask Martha and Brandon how that worked out for them. Their characters were pushed to a front burner story on just about every day (when it shouldn't have been) when other characters were not allowed to be written for. A new team comes in and decides they don't want to write for them, so they were let go.

Not surprised the tension going on was spilling onto the set. Maybe it wouldn't haven't gotten this way if Ken was around to supervise what was going on.
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