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Aug 19 2008, 04:37 PM
Aug 19 2008, 04:33 PM
Aug 19 2008, 04:25 PM
Aug 19 2008, 04:23 PM

And 2 whole damn weeks of Chan? Really? Is that necessary? Yes, why introduce Kate if he was going to end up with Chelsea anyways?
Well my hope is Chan is still off. That we might have one more week with them and then it's over? (God I hope so).

Where the fuck is that damn interlude he'll have with Nicole? *desperate*
I meant that next week, we have nothing but Chan where Chelsea discovers her golden boy screwed her granny. That takes up about 4 days. Then for the week of 9/1, it seems we have another 3 or so days of Chan.
That's alot of one story that is that big of a story. I mean, have a few days here and there to appease some of the fans, but two whole weeks front and center? Not worth it.

Yea, how is he in love with Chelsea when he is supposd to interlude with Nicole?
Oh I've always hated how we have "insta" love with Chan and all of Daniel's actions have always screamed the OPPOSITE this love in theory he has for Chelsea. He's so in love with her so he screws her grandmother. He's so in love with her he sticks her in a locker. He's so inlove with her he pushes her to the side to go apologize to Kate (for really no reason). He's so in love with her he was practically licking cream off of Lexie's nose. And now we have him interacting with Nicole in such a way that even SC felt the need to bring it up. (If you notice, SC seems completely eager to talk about ANYTHING ELSE other than his main love interest).

So if the show would let Hope be the one to hear him say that and call him on it and go "You keep saying that but what about your actions" and make him see how he's been behaving...I'd have tremendous respect for ending the story THAT way.

And as for Chelsea, not sure her reaction except I don't see how she wouldn't be sickened by Dan doing her grandmother. It's one thing to get over your boyfriend doing your mom, but moving up one level to grandmother is sick enough, but if you recall at that same time he was pushing Chelsea away insisting they couldn't be together...that would enrage me to death ("So it's alright to do Kate for awhile but not me? And then after you're done with her, you're ready now?") That's just sick and stupid and dumb.

Even for Dena.

Hey this was not Dena's fuck up it was Ed Scott, so I guess what they are doing is cleaning it up. Daniel and Chelsea do have a great chemistry, so I sure hope they will keep them together, because we know Nick and Chelsea did not have chemistry, hell they used to put me to sleep. So donít worry Tripp, at the end you are going to love this couple ok, oh by the way do you like the color Green? :wink:

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