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Aug 19 2008, 04:24 PM
Aug 19 2008, 04:17 PM
Thanks Ellie. She's gorgeous. And so bouncy-- that always cracks me up.

Is it me or did she studiously try to control herself when someone commented about the 'big Olympics boost'? I am wondering about last week's ratings. She was all about tuning in tomorrow (next Wed's ratings report...)

Eh, maybe it's in my head.
You're welcome! And I don't think so... ratings come out on Thursdays, and she was promoting tomorrow (Wednesday's) show, where she plays Samantha. I think that's what she meant.
I meant...I think (?) the interviewer talked about the big Olympics boost-- which many NBC shows have had. [The NYT did a whole 2 page article on how ratings have bounced for Today, etc and consistent ratings have increased NBC promo visibility for Fall programming... ]

This Thurs ratings would be for last week's shows [first wk of Olympics]... and when the interviewer said that, she looked like she was 'keeping composure', versus saying 'are you kidding me?'

I may be inventing this dynamic in my head...

But they [studio/actors, etc.] get dailies, I am sure, so I was wondering if this Thurs ratings [for us viewers, again, reflecting last week's shows] are gonna still be in the cellar...a la Bope wedding.

If that's true, she would likely already know...I was just wondering if you read anything into her reaction.

LOL, I am just trying to distract myself from the absurd spoilers, I think!
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