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"Marc" audition scene:

Page 1

Fade in:
(A) Java Cafe

(Start on Nicole, at her laptop, sipping a latte. A cute guy (Marc) hurries by, trips over Nicole's outstretched foot. His coffee goes flying)

Nicole: Damnit.

Marc; I'm so sorry. Did I spill my coffee on you?

Nicole: Worse. My computer. Your two dollar coffee cost me a two-thousand dollar laptop.

Marc: (stammers) Ah...

Nicole: And my presentation's ruined, too. I've been working on it for weeks.

Page 2

Marc: (re: the laptop) Maybe I can do something... I'm pretty decent with computers, and --

Nicole: No, don't touch it.

Marc: Okay

(coming at her with a napkin)

You've got some coffee on your --

Nicole: (snaps) Don't touch me!

Marc: I'm not usually such a klutz. I didn't see your foot there.

Nicole: Obviously.

Marc. Look. I feel terrible. At least let me try --

(Before she can stop him, he commandeers her computer)

You're playing solitaire.

Page 3

Nicole: (quick comeback) Mental health break.

Marc: (outraged) And there's nothing wrong with your laptop.

Nicole: (wry) You must have the magic touch.

Marc: (studies her) I know you. You're Nicole Walker. And here I was feeling bad about tripping over you!

Nicole: (taken aback) What's that supposed to mean?

Marc: I was ready to hand over two months' rent to pay for the damage.

(gestures toward the computer)

And you probably would've let me!

Nicole: Do I know you?

Page 4

Marc: Your brother, Brandon, was a good friend of mine. Maybe this coffee thing was just a little karmic payback.

Nicole: I'll be sure to tell Brandon you said that.

Marc: And to think I always wanted to meet you.

Nicole: Why?

Marc: That's what I'm asking myself now. Why? I saw your picture once.... thought you were kinda attractive. Interesting, maybe. But then again, I'm always drawn to the wrong kind of girl.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I'm taken.

Marc: Knowing your history, not for long.

Page 5

Nicole: You're not a very nice person. What did my brother see in you?

Marc: Maybe the same thing he sees in you. So I guess I'm on your list now?

Nicole: What list would that be?

Marc: Men you hate. Men you love to hate. I hear you keep a lot of lists.

Nicole: Yeah, well, don't worry. You don't happen to be on any of them.

Marc: Well, good for bot of us, I guess. All right. Nice finally meet you. Not.

Nicole: Apology not accepted, by the way. Oh and uh... I didn't catch you name.

Page 6

Marc: Marc

Nicole: Marc. You might want to change your shirt. You spilled something on it. Little karmic payback, I guess.

Marc: Oh. Thanks.

(He whips off his shirt. A beat as Nicole can't help admiring)

Marc: Give Brandon my best.

(Marc walks away. Nicole stares after)

Nicole: (murmurs) Wow.

Marc: (without looking back) Wow, yourself.

(On Marc, a smile crossing his lips)

Fade to: Black

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