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Wow...those people at KTLA were annoying. They kept cutting her off and they were all over the place. Too many people involved if you ask me. One or two should handle the interviewing. I hate how they fumbled over the name Marlena and details too. They need to do better research. I give Dee all the credit in the world for acting as classy and professional as she did in that environment. You could tell at the end when they were asking her to come back some time how she tried to avoid the question :laugh: .

She did very well and glad she promoted tomorrow. The more promotion Days gets, the better. I'm pleased that she is happy with her life. That was a nice story about her son driving too. She was adorable and I swear she gets better with age. Did anyone notice how they asked her about tension/drama backstage? Seems they may have heard about the situation too. :laugh: . Dee handled that well. I would never expect her to say anything anyway.
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